Going on an Adventure Soon?

Every time I get ready to go on an adventure, I always prep up with some basics to enjoy the trip to the fullest. You may not use this all on every adventure but it is better to be prepared and ready. 1. Get your camera and lenses! While you don’t want to spend your... Continue Reading →


Grainy Old Photos

Life is all about balance and I'd like to take today to remember things of the past. Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of our daily dilemmas. Everyday, you wake up, get busy with work, come home, hope for relaxation and eat something to bring some comfort and do it all again the next... Continue Reading →

Loved No Matter What

Today, I'm forced to sit back and relax. Now, don't take this wrong way. I love to sit at home and do nothing as much as the next person. It is just that I had some goals that I have been wanting to accomplish and being sick is just getting in my way. That's the... Continue Reading →

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