An Open Letter to my Best Friend as She Graduates

Dear Bestie,

This is not a drill – YOU DID IT! We have talked about this for what seems like forever. Ever since we were young, you put your education first. You knew that no matter how crazy life gets, this was something you were determined to do. Not everyone in our families can say that.

There have been so many things that have tried to get in your way. You have been through everything from couch surfing to working full-time yet doing overtime at school.  I can’t say anyone could survive double time for as long as you have. There were many nights that I know you were working away in the middle of the night, eyes closing and wanting to close your laptop to get some sleep. Still, you put so much time and effort into this. You never let up.

Those late nights that you wondered if this would really be worth it. From the chaos you dealt with every day at work to trying to keep up with your family as your little brother and sister are starting to grow up. You did it.

This is just the start! No matter what you do with the degree that you worked for, you still proved yourself. You proved that no matter what obstacles you face, you will never let your dreams go. This is what will always put you above the rest.


I’m so glad I was able to make the trip to watch you in your special moment. You deserved all the screaming and clapping! I know you will be doing amazing things and conquering this world. I can’t wait to watch and cheer you on with your next adventures. I will always be by your side, no matter where this life takes you.

I love you more than you will ever know,

Your rock ♥


Disclaimer: I do not own the images in this post. Each artist retains the full copyright and ownership for their own images.


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