Going on an Adventure Soon?

Every time I get ready to go on an adventure, I always prep up with some basics to enjoy the trip to the fullest. You may not use this all on every adventure but it is better to be prepared and ready.

1. Get your camera and lenses!

While you don’t want to spend your entire trip behind the lens, you always want to be able to capture the best moments on the drop of a dime.

2. Don’t forget your goal.

Above all, when I plan on a trip, my biggest goal is to find my peace. I want a place to relax and enjoy so I can focus in and find my zen again.

You can get so busy and preoccupied during a trip. While you can have plenty of fun bouncing from place to place and experiencing the joys of life, don’t forget the reason for the visit. If you keep your schedule to a minimum and just let the plans make themselves, you’ll discover your zen through balance.

3. Be open to new experiences.

This is one I struggled a lot with. Once your mind is set that the world is against you, it’s hard to switch yourself back to healthy thoughts. But remember, when you’re in a crowd, nobody is thinking negatively of you. Everyone is too busy thinking of themselves and what people think of them. You can do what you want. The secret is that it doesn’t matter what others think of you. Life is what you make it. Don’t be the only thing in the way of your own enjoyment.

Until next time my friends!


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