Grainy Old Photos

Life is all about balance and I'd like to take today to remember things of the past. Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of our daily dilemmas. Everyday, you wake up, get busy with work, come home, hope for relaxation and eat something to bring some comfort and do it all again the next... Continue Reading →


Creation Is the Only Thing Louder than Destruction

Today, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the art in our world. It is constantly around us. Whether it is man-made or a natural occurrence, it allows us to take a few moments at will to take in something that is much larger than ourselves. It allows us to truly appreciate so many... Continue Reading →


  It always comes as a silent killer. It creeps up while you are managing what you can. Sometimes it slowly sets in. Other times it is a sudden attack. Some days I am so busy being busy that I forget the importance of balance. We all need a reminder. Don't forget to take today... Continue Reading →

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